New Feats

Character creation 101:

Mechanical method
All primary stats begin at 8 and you will have 30 points to allocate to your abilities. You want an 18 use 10 points and bam.. 18. This will grant you (3) 18’s and the rest 8s if that is what you want or a nice mix of above average stats with maybe (1) 18. This keeps all players even in the creation process and I love that with this model you can create characters you want instead of being subject to whatever you manage to roll.

The humans you will use fall under 3 categories as follows:

• Normal Human’s
• The Flin
• The Su’Dar people

Typical Human (Travelers):

Who are they?
Generally these folks wander into the Gustoniah region and settle, pass through or seek their fortunes in and around the country-side. Some settle in the capital and others in the outer rim communities outside the Aristocratic Capitol. These folks rarely understand the complex political system created in Gustoniah and often don’t understand why one man is held in higher regards based on money or heritage then another. To them being subjugated simply because you settle in a region should not be legal however all legal attempts to prevent them normally have very disregarding responses forcing them to deal with the situation or work themselves into the web of political intrigue created by the Wigs.

Building a Traveler:
As per normal humans in the Players guide.

Starting Money:
Begin play with 180 gp and are considered outsiders by the general populace.  
The Flin
Who are the Flin?

Colonial England style people
In Gustoniah the men wear white, black and brown wigs and make-up to accent themselves to the fullest. Those that don’t wear wigs generally can’t afford them and are looked at as lower class. The Wigs normally throw large political parties and inviting the lords and ladies and any Royalty they can get to come. They are into whatever pleases them from fine foods, to lavishing themselves with fine clothing, provocative relationships and courtly dreaming. These people are generally fairly oppressive at times to those beneath them (or outsiders) and might even appear snobbish. There is in them however a strong bond when united. They are very quick to use the word “war” when they mean to argue a point (“Good sir, you don’t wish to go to war with me!”) The kingdom is green and vast and made up of strong farmland and Ranches where the lower and middle class raise and feed the stronger Wig and Royal classes. Gustonian’s are also very passionate peoples and have a fine love for art, music and dance and even the poor love nothing more than singing a familiar song to overcome hard times.

The class system:
The Royalty [Often referred to as Counts, Duke, Baron, Prince, Kings etc]
This group is composed of the minority Royal lines of Gustoniah. There are some 625 royalty which make up the tiers of royal few who are eligible for the crown. Right now King Gustin the VIIII rules of Gustoniah. King Gustin the first is the marshalling king who created and united the Flin into a country.
The Upper Class [Often referred to as The Wigs, Governor or Lord or Lady, Blue bloods]
Compose the rich and aristocratic social center which hardly work and mostly play. Royal parties and grand balls will always be the manor of the day.
The Middle Class [Often referred to as The Pushers, Sirs, Ms’es, White Collars, Mids]
These folks are the shop keepers, owners, and general management style role keepers.
The Lower Class [Often referred to as The Work Backs, Day Laborers, Blue Collars, Lows]
Are the general hard laborers, the farmers, herders, general laborers, and cab drivers you will run into.
The Poor [Often referred to as Drifters, Hoodlums, Urchins, Rabble]
These are the folks that take work were they find it. Hustle for bread, thieves, field workers, or the homeless that dwell in the dark city.
The Hierophants [Often referred to as Diviners, fortune tellers, royal advisors, star gazers and Priests]
This off-shoot to the other classes stands alone as they are always seen as never normal. Where someone poor apart of this class is not treated as bad as someone that is just poor. Any cleric falls into this group and those taking the Starting Feats move into strong religious status.

Building a Flin:
Can forgo Skill bonus point for the Skill Focus Feat at first level. (adding +1 to that SF for every 2 levels)

Can forgo Feat for a Profession- 4 Rank profession granted and providing an extra 150 gp at level 1.

Can forgo Feat to gain Aristocrat Starting Feat.
This feat places the character into the Wig category. Son of a Wig and is given double starting Salary. Additionally they can be invited to Wig and royal parties. Taking the Royal Aristocrat feat places the character into the Royal class and triples their starting income. These feats can only be taken at level1.

The Flin are great mediator’s and gain a +2 to Diplomacy checks when dealing with folks from other lands outside of Gustoniah.

Starting Money: Begin play with 120 GP and considered a part of the bottom 3 class groups.

Religion of the Flin:
Use outreach programs, drives to feed the homeless, educate the people about their god, churches, temples, and hold weekly services on the Day of God’s identified by the King as the day for worship by all religions. It is illegal to hold services any other time of the week. The King refuses to force religion on the people so he mandated that it would be contained to a single day a week and only on 1 of 6 identified public holiday’s by the church. (These are the special day’s specific to the religion)

Deities of the Flin:
• Typical Pathfinder gods

Where are you from?
Auguston- Central Capital city of Gustoniah
Waygrin- village not far from Auguston, this village sits on the edge of the great Krimbar forest which is often colder and more fog covered then the likes of Auguston. The winds from the east (the great Hurrad) (Starting from here will lower Starting gold by 10gp)
Layflur- village on the boarder of the Harrad in the Mab’dallin hill side. This village is almost a weight station for those jumping off either to or from the Harrad. Those that live here see many crazy things and appreciate great stories. The life style is Gypsy like here and music and superstition run free. (Starting from here will lower starting gold to 180 gp)
Loredin – Southern city This city is controlled by the council of 12. Each of which are powerful aged Summoners. The city has the largest library in the known world called “The complex”.
Oshalom – City to the extreme North West of Gustoniah and is considered a self managing city-state but falls into the districts of the Kingdom. Oshalom is known as the city of inspiration. It is controlled by the Oshalom Monks. The city is comprised 85% of monks while the rest are commoners in support of the great Monastery of Oshalom.

Side note:
Monks of Oshalom- The goal of true enlightenment is to Ascend beyond the mortal ability. Those reaching level 6 must return to Oshalom to remove their inner beast (This ritual files their teeth flat.) Upon reaching level 12 they must return to Oshalom to remove all body hair and gain the tattoo of Transcendence. Upon reach level 15 Master level the monk returns and is always known as “Teacher” and is given the tattoo of the Teacher and 3 students. 

New feats for the Flin only:

• Taken only at level 1

This feat places the character into the Wig category. The Son or Daughter of a Wig is given double starting Salary. Additionally they can be invited to Wig and royal parties. Dealings with the upper class and Royal Class are done with a +2 to diplomacy while dealing with the middle and lower is reduced by 2. Provided a free white wig.

Royal Aristocrat
• Taken only at level 1 (must have Aristocrat feat)

This feat takes the character out of the Wig category and places them into the Royal Category. Starting money is tripled and the character gains a +4 to Diplomacy checks when dealing with Wigs or Royals and a +2 when dealing with Mids and lower classes. The characters role position is considered to be the child of a Noble (Baron or count).

The Su’Dar
Who are the Su’Dar?

These Old Kingdom Egypt Style people are known as the Temple builders and live in the vast Harrad Desert far to the West of the empire of Gustoniah. These lands are ruled by 4 great Kings, each King represents one of the Gods. These are said to be the direct line of these gods and decedents of them. Of this there is some truth as each of the Gods or Goddess mated with a human to create the royal lines which would govern the 4 tribes of the Su’dar peoples.

These four tribes are:
The Vish [ruling god Sol’Tuss- these are people live in the middle part of the land and use alabaster in all buildings to reflect the sun, they are the temple builders. They have powerful Fire wizards and their ruler Solsettez the VI and he is known to command the element of fire like a snake. He is charismatic and fiery as a leader]
The Vannash [ruling god is Korrus- these people build their kingdom below the sands and show little above it. Their ruler is Geb’Vannash the V. He is known as the builder and is strongly built.]
The Kattah [ruling god is Zyphusis- these people live in on the southern edge of the Harrad near the trackless wastes and use wind catchers to power their city with electricity. Their ruler is Ty’yah and she is committed to educating her people on the power of electricity.]
The Stin [ruling god is Kryss- these people live at the end of 3 converging rivers which meet above their city into one of the most glorious waterfalls known to man. These people are herders, great storytellers and seafarers. They support each other and are controlled by Eween. She is worships the goddess in an underground cave below a waterfall.]

Building a Su’Dar:
Can forgo Bonus feat to gain Divine Tattoo:
• Kryss- 3 circles linking- offers +1 to Chr
• Sol’Tuss- Large circle with 8 smaller circles around it.- Adds +1 to Con
• Zyphusis- Triangle with arrow through it pointing East- Adds +1 to Wis
• Korrus- Triangle with Arrow pointing North- add +1 to Str.

Can forgo Skill bonus for:
Each of these is also granted a +1 to SL for their appropriate divine focus and a 1 point damage resistance to those elements.

The Religion:
The People of the Harrad are deeply religious in nature and focus mainly on guarding and protecting the soul. Certain animals or signs play great weight in their battles here on earth to ward and protect the precious soul.

4 animals carry weight in the Arid lands of The Harrad.

The Harradian Hawk- Protects the soul on its journey after death.
The Harradian Cat- Protects the soul while it is alive from the being taken.
The Harradian Scorpion- Is sent to take the life of those that offend the gods.
The Harradian Sand Serpent- Is sent to devour the soul from the living.

The Gods:
• Kryss(Goddess of Water- Neutral Goddess- Female aspect)
She possesses 2 aspects (The Calm of calm cave waters and the Rage of the Storm floods)
• Sol’Tuss (The Sun- Neutral God- Male Aspect)
He possess 2 aspects (The soothing warmth of the sun and the Raging power of fire.)
• Zyphusis (Goddess of the Winds- Neutral Goddess –Female Aspect)
She possesses 2 aspects (The Calm of a typical breeze day and the Rage of the Wind Storm.)
• Korrus (God of the Soil and Sands- Neutral god, male aspect)
He possess 2 aspects (The abundance of harvest, to the earthquake)

Priests of the Gods:
Priests to any of the 4 Gods will always have a neutral quality and will pick the aspect of their God they most identify with. As the God’s represent both a good and evil aspect either force can reveal itself at any time depending on the whim of the Gods and sometimes are seen as 2 different gods to those that don’t understand this. However the truth is that the Gods have different faces depending on their aspects but are one in the same force which often is combative of its own nature. Very often the Good and Evil aspects of the same god struggle for power over a royal house in order to control it and apply the glory of that gods aspect. There is never an attack on the Gods other self as being weak only that their aspect is now in control.

Where are you from?
The Harrad Desert and from one of the following cities:

Ahem-Neb – The Gleaming desert city of the Vish, huge monoliths to their god.

Van’ Nar- The underground complexes of the Vannash tribe.

Krun’Dar- The wind catcher city of the Kattah peoples. These great windmills sparkle with electricity, carrying currents to the poles in the city streets and the great golden arch of Zyphusis to honor their goddess.

Ah’losh the great city of green gardens and wondrous waterfalls. The city is superior in its design of water flow to afford people bath houses and the use of running water in most superior homes. Ah’Losh has a fantastic waterfall that marks the center complex of their people.

New Feats specific to the Su’Dar:
• Taken only at level 1
Those taking this feat are granted access to any spell (for their spell book) which is of their divine focus. They are granted an additional (stackable) +1 to SL for casting spells of that divine nature. They are given an additional 2 point resistance to that divine focus Damage resistance.

• Kryss- Water/Cold
• Sol’Tuss Fire/Heat
• Zyphusis-Wind/Electricity
• Korrus- Earth/Sonic

Starting Money: 120 GP and considered from one of the 4 tribes, must identify with 1.

New Feats

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